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Welcome to KeyChest - Your Key Manager

KeyChest is a management system for your internet keys and certificates. All you have to do is type your internet domain above and we will show you how KeyChest can help you.

KeyChest is designed as a set-up-and-forget service, which only tells when something needs your attention. It continuously discovers your new keys and audits their properties.

If you just want to make sure that your online business is up and running, you only tell us its address and we take care of the technical details.

We let larger users, or experts adjust KeyChest so that it fits into the way they manage their networks and computers.

If you decide to use our big switch for detailed audit and real-time services, we let you know when the cost increases and you have time to revert any changes you don't want.

Feel free to email us at, if you have in mind particular details or a feature you’d like to see.

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Service Audit is a powerful tool for a quick assessment of the HTTPS/TLS configuration of your servers. If you need more detailed audit results, you need to create an account.

KeyChest resolves the name of a server you provide and runs a series of tests against one of resolved addresses. It does not follow HTTP redirects, but it shows if one is in place so you can follow the link manually. If there are more IP addresses you can see the list and use it to check a particular IP address, if appropriate.

The result is displayed as a series of indicators (green - OK, red - failed), with an overall score provided as a letter between F - A+. F is used when the audit tool doesn't receive any response. The audit result also adds a brief text description for the first failure it encounters and some suggestion of what could go wrong.

The list of audit tests:

Possible errors returned by the TLS/HTTPS scanner are:

If you are not sure the results you can see are correct, or have any other question, please let us know at or use a support form to get in touch.